By: Kenneth R. Haber

We have tried to standardize and systemize the solutions and then copy them. Reality TV! We develop employee relations manuals, union regulations, and other structure to deal with people interacting in organizations. We want a nice tidy package we can copy from department A to B and business A to B. We have focus groups, employee councils, and other related researched and copied answers. These strategies are a structured step, a flavor of the month, not a solution. Like everything else, it’s about us, and it’s about the culture we’re willing to accept. Why don’t we see constant activity, focus, and commitment to make what is important count the most? We are all employees, managers and top leadership in one setting or another. Whether it’s protecting our environment or enhancing our health and happiness, the answers lie in each person and their commitment to find the right answers, not just for them, but for every person we encounter. Does anyone hold the answers, or do we all?

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